KesarThandai – Prefect Healthy Drink

Summers are known for its happy nature. As the sun shines bright, people bask in the sunlight and enjoy their day out. But Indian summers are not just about enjoying the sunlight but also about enjoying the various culinary options available only during the summer. The heat during an Indian summer is almost unbearable and makes it very necessary to intake fluids on a regular basis. In summers your need a quick fix for your thirst. You need a drink that is easy to make and refreshes you from within.

Nowadays, you get a lot of options in the store when it comes to summer drinks. From carbonated soft-drinks to syrups to package juices, the choice is yours to make. Carbonated drinks and packaged juices are full of artificial flavour are harmful for the health. They do not contain any nutrients and only provide momentary respite from the thirst. Tasty and healthy summer drinks are important to maintain hydration in the summers. But mere drinking fluid is not enough to keep your body cool, a perfect summer drink is one where all the ingredients in the drink work together to keep your body cool.

Make a better choice by choosing natural Kesar Thandai instead of the carbonated drinks thronging the store that are full of sugar and carbohydrates. You can maintain a healthy lifestyle by making small choices such as these. When you choose a healthy drink over an unhealthy one, you choose a healthy you. Bikanervala’s Kesar Thandai is a non-carbonated drink which is a common traditional summer drink in India and has melon seeds, cucumber seeds, rose water, white pepper, aniseed, poppy seed, black pepper, cardamom and other natural ingredients that help keep the body cool in summers. Thandai is known for its cooling properties and health benefits. It has a unique taste and is ideal for all occasions. It is made of 100% natural ingredients and the packaging of the Thandai ensures lasting freshness. Due to its health benefits, it is ideal for adults and children alike. It not only refreshes you but the ingredients in the drink fill you with energy and rejuvenate you from within.

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