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Celebrate your wedding function with Bikanervala

The Big Fat Indian Wedding is a well-known term because weddings in India are not just a celebration of the union between two people but a celebration of the union of two families. Weddings in India are grand and pompous.

All Indian weddings follow a number of rituals and customs, each unique and holding a special meaning for the Bride and Groom. However, no matter what the rituals and customs are, there is one thing that is a must for each occasion –sweets! In India every happy occasion is celebrated with sweets and a wedding is for any, the happiest occasion of them all.

Be it the engagement, sangeet, mehendi or the final shaadi ceremony, sweets are a must and Indian weddings are known for their extensive guests list. A standard Indian wedding caters to anywhere between 500-1000 guests. Sourcing for so many people can be a challenge but not when you can choose and order sweets in bulk online. Not only does ordering online save you the hassle of finding the right sweets store and getting it transported, it also makes it easy to choose from the listed variety.

Bikanervala also offers packaged sweets that can be ordered online in bulk. All sweets are listed on the website along with their ingredients so that customers can make an informed choice. You can order traditional Indian sweets like Gulab Jamun, Rasogolla, Besan Laddu, Panjiri Laddu, Rajbhog, Karachi Halwa, Cham Cham, a variety of SoanPapdi, Mewa Bite and more.

Bikanervala offers you the luxury of choosing from a variety of traditional Indian sweets and placing an order online. The sweets are packaged for lasting freshness and are made using only the best ingredients. Moreover, all products are made with 100% natural ingredients. Bikanervala sweets retails its packaged sweets under the brand name Bikano and online orders can be placed on our website.

Order from anywhere in India and enjoy the goodness of tasty traditional Indian sweets for you and all your guests at your wedding.


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