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Bikanervala Expands its International Presence

We are happy to share that Bikanervala – your beloved Indian sweets and snacks brand – has now crossed the Atlantic and beyond, with stores now open in United States, New Zealand, Middle-East, and South- East Asia.

A Little History

The Bikanervala brand, established in 1950, already has a pan India presence and has several outlets in Nepal as well. Bikanervala was founded by two visionary Halwais (or Chefs who specialise in sweets and snacks) from the town of Bikaner. The duo moved to Delhi and set up shop in the famous Chandni Chowk. The handmade sweets and namkeen soon won over Delhi, and everyone started calling them the Bikanervalas, hence the name.

The Bikanervala Sweet Shop and Restaurant

Today, Bikanervala is spreading its thoda khatta, thoda meetha message of Indian culinary delights across the world through the Sweet Shop cum Restaurant joints. Every eatery is designed to deliver world class services and high standards for hygiene and ingredient quality are maintained throughout. This, and the enduring legacy of taste and hospitality from the brand’s founders have helped us reach milestone after milestone.

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Globalizing Indian Culture of Hospitality

Along with delivering Indian sweets and snacks globally, Bikanervala also spreads the message of peace and harmony with its benign hospitality. The Indian culture of hospitality and “atithi devo bhava” is known world over and at Bikanervala we are glad to be one of its custodians.

  • Southeast Asia

Singapore’s lively culture and the presence of Indian diaspora simply demanded our presence. Since, its opening, the Bikanervala Singapore has become one of the most popular Indian restaurants in Singapore. Located spot-on at the International airport, the Bikanervala outlet in Singapore offers popular Indian sweets and global snack dishes.

  • Middle-Eastern Love

India has always had an affinity with the middle-east, and the Middle-Eastern countries have a considerable Indian diaspora. The Bikanervala outlets in UAE offer Delicacies from India to our brethren there, and has seen tremendous success among the local food connoisseurs as well.

  • Crossing the Atlantic and Beyond

With first store openings in New Jersey, USA and Auckland, NZ, Bikanervala has become a truly global brand of Indian sweets, food and beverages. We are receiving a lively response in the States and plan to expand our footprint further in the Americas soon.

Stay tuned for more news from Bikanervala, till then keep on sharing the love and sweetness, as we do.

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